Taking time to remember our veterans

Megan Walker, Opinions Editor


Megan Walker, Opinions Editor

Last week will go down as one of the most historic elections in U.S. history as Donald Trump was selected as the president-elect. Americans marked the week of Nov. 8 on their calendars, carving out time to vote and staying up until the results were announced.

The election was not the only significant occurrence last week, however. Last Friday, Nov. 11, was Veterans Day.

Unfortunately, they did not receive the appreciation they so deserve because Veterans Day was completely overshadowed by the aftermath of the election.

This year, honoring our veterans was secondary to mourning or celebrating the election results, and that is an utter tragedy.

By 10 p.m. on Tuesday there were 40 million tweets that had been sent in regards to the election. The #VeteransDay statistics are paltry in comparison.

There are 21.8 million U.S. veterans, according to the Census Bureau. That is 21.8 million reasons to post about Veterans Day on social media, and yet the election is still all anyone is talking about.

Donald Trump claims he wants to “Make America Great Again.” His rhetoric sounds inspiring, I will admit, but what is he himself doing to ensure such happens?
Veterans commit their lives to keeping America great.

Every day veterans risk their lives so that American citizens have the freedom to elect whomever they see fit to be president, and the freedom to speak out in favor or against the electee without fear of imprisonment or death.

And yet, we are not even willing to say thank you.

As the daughter of a Marine Corps veteran, I have always had a high level of respect for the armed services. It made me so disappointed to see how few of my peers knew it was Veterans Day at all, let alone celebrate it accordingly.

If you let this Veterans Day pass without showing your gratitude for those who have fought and those who continue to fight for your freedom, I encourage you to make it a priority next November.

Walker is a senior journalism and mass communication major.

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