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Hannah Diamond

There is no hiding the fact that Samford football games are not as anticipated as the games at Alabama or Auburn. What makes those games better than the ones here on campus?

People say that Samford’s atmosphere isn’t exciting enough. Yes, the stadium is smaller and the crowds are quieter, but at state schools, the hype and the spirit start with the students. student_slider

If more students started staying longer than the quarter, or were brave enough to stay past halftime, then I think the atmosphere would grow bigger, better and more exciting each game.

When more students attend, more of their families and friends, who have to buy tickets, also come to the games. This increase in revenue opens the door to many options where the fan experience could be enhanced. The added ammenities could potentially draw in bigger crowds and the pattern would continue.

People say they are bigger fans of SEC football programs than Samford’s program, which belongs to the Southern Conference.
While few people come to Samford because they are die-hard Bulldogs fans, it is disappointing to the student-athletes, staff and administration alike when other students don’t attend many football games or other athletic events.

If the free food, T-shirts and money aren’t enough, students should want to go to games to support their friends on the team. Samford is a smaller campus so it is easier to become friends with the athletes, unlike at state schools.

Student support and school spirit are just a couple of the rewards the student-athletes get when they perform. These athletes have dedicated their time and effort to this sport and they want to put on a good game, not only for the win but also for the fans.

In addition to student attempts at revving up the school spirit, the athletic department is also trying to create an exciting game day atmosphere to compete with those of big state schools.

The slogan “Ruff Em” was created as a rally cry, like “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle” to get fans involved and create a sense of community on campus and in the Birmingham community.

Always looking for ways to improve, the athletic department puts out surveys and asks for ideas on how football games would be more enjoyable for students.

One change they’ve made this year is putting the student section back on the “home” side of the field, out of the sun. Many students complained last year about being far from their football team and having the sun shine right into their eyes at all the 2 p.m. games.

Overall, there isn’t much reason why Samford students shouldn’t attend home football games. The football team has demonstrated their improvement over past years, and the stadium is right in the middle of campus, close to all the housing.

The environment will grow as students get the energy and excitement up at football games all while they are supporting their friends. So Samford students, let’s give our football team the best crowd and atmosphere they’ve ever had. Ruff ‘em.

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  1. Gavin says:

    Great article Hannah. As an ’08 alum, and athletic supporter, I thank you for saying what I didn’t say during my time at SU. The athletes deserve student support, and you were able to voice many of the frustrations I had while at Samford. Great job, and I hope your fellow students listen.

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