The best ice cream in B’ham



With the weather warming up and the need for study breaks steadily increasing, frozen dessert cravings are on the rise. Birmingham is on the cutting edge for culinary experiences and icy treats are included on the list of staples. With so many options from ice cream to popsicles, narrowing the choices down can send you into a full meltdown. Let the Crimson help cool you off.


  1. Steel City Pops

No Birmingham eatery list is complete without SCP, so let’s kick this list off with a pop. Made from all-natural and local ingredients, these pops are sold at three locations within 15 minutes of campus. For a refreshing treat, go for the tried and true hibiscus, but if you’re feeling dangerous, go for their new cookie pops. Whatever you choose, you’ll leave with slightly sticky fingers and a smile on your face.

  1. Doodle’s Homemade Sorbets and Ices

Whether you get your treat from a food truck or a storefront, Doodles delivers. With over 15 options to try and mix, you can try a different flavor every time and never be disappointed. If you go to the storefront in Cahaba Heights, there are multiple picnic tables to relax and enjoy your treat while procrastinating on that project due the next day.

  1. Mountain Brook Creamery

In the mood for some satisfying ice cream but don’t want to deal with Walmart? Skip the pint and head to Mountain Brook Village and the Mountain Brook Creamery. Options for treats include ice cream, frozen yogurts and milkshakes, and they are also available in lactose-free flavors.

  1. Edgewood Creamery

Homewood boasts this creamery with wonderful homemade ice cream. With over 40 flavors available, there are plenty of reasons to make multiple trips.

  1. Bahama Buck’s

A new addition to the Birmingham area, Bahama Buck’s has found a home in Cahaba Heights behind the Summit. SnoCones and smoothies are available in so many flavors that you may have to stare at the menu for a while just to make up your mind. There are fruit parfait options if shaved ice isn’t really your thing and latte options for when the late nights finally start catching up to you.


Whatever you choose to indulge in, these hot spots will cool you down. It’s always a good idea to “treat yo self” and enjoy Birmingham.


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