The Opinion section needs you

Grace Miserocchi, Opinion Editor

The opinion section is a unique, but necessary component of The Samford Crimson. Each column gives readers the opportunity to learn about different perspectives. It gives writers the chance to share their comments on current local, national and even international issues with Samford.

A college newspaper has the opportunity to have a rich opinion section because of the thousands of students in the same area all who have different majors and interests. Everyone has a diverse and valuable viewpoint to offer.

The Crimson’s opinion section has always been a place for the Samford community to discuss issues and topics that are important to them. Its quality columns have challenged and encouraged healthy discussion on certain issues across campus.

As we enter a new year, I want to continue to publish quality and thought provoking work. I also will challenge writers to bring the topics that interest them into the context of the Samford community.

This section is part of the campus newspaper for a reason. I want to work to connect the content of other sections of our newspaper with the opinion section. Columns should be responses to current issues.

I simply cannot accomplish these goals without you, the Samford community. The Crimson is not only a place for JMC majors. All members of the student body are welcome to be involved.
The opinion section should include a diverse range of opinions and perspectives from across campus. It does not matter your major, year or level of writing experience. I welcome submissions on any topic.

Opinions pieces are a space where you can introduce a new viewpoint on an issue. The opinion section is where ideas can be reconsidered and questioned and where journalism becomes opinionated.

Each piece should be 500-550 words. All submissions are subject to editing for content and length. This is a crucial part of the writing process. Similar to an article for a different section, a good op-ed has facts to back up its main argument.

I love the creativity and flexibility that can go into opinion pieces and the challenges that go along with that.

The possibilities are endless with the opinion section this year. This campus has many talented and distinct people, each with a story.

I look forward to reading what the writers find interesting each week, how they react to various issues and ultimately how our reader’s respond to what is published.

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