The Sons of Light ignored my (and your) life and responsibilities

ERIC BIANCALANA, Guest Contributor

In the earliest, most sun-deprived hours of the morning of Monday, April 27, a small gathering of students crowded around the steps in front of the library to watch some dude in a robe draw some chalk art.

One of the great Samford enigmas – the now seemingly annual Sons of Light scavenger hunt – began in that moment and awe-struck, bewildered students from all corners of campus took off to compete for thrill, excitement, a possible monetary prize and of course, bragging rights.

Meanwhile I was in bed. Asleep.

Call me lame if you must for being under the covers before 1 a.m., but it had been a long weekend and I had a 9:15 the next morning (hey, that’s pretty early for me).

I awoke the next morning hearing tales of creepy guys in hoods wandering the darkest corners of campus, leading students on endless paths to nowhere as their masked brethren wrote out the remaining charcoal clues. The tales I heard were tales of mystery, of wonder, of adventure. And I was asleep.Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.33.41 AM

Man, I wanted to be a part of it. How fun does that stuff sound? Thousand-dollar prize possibilities aside, it sounds like the opportunity to carve out an incredible memory during my time in college, and I missed it.

But the daylit hours of Monday offered me another go. I was behind the groups that started the preceding night, but if I hopped in with a group that was already up and running, there was a chance for thrills and success. There was a chance to learn more about the mystery of the Sons of Light.

Oh wait, I have a 1:00. And then a 3:30 class as well. Oh, and I have a job to go to after that. If there was any hope of joining a group, it was gone now.

While my friends were clambering to the top of the planetarium and climbing cob-webbed ladders in the upper echelons of the admissions building, I was sitting in class, trying to keep my overall GPA up after bombing an accounting test.

And as the fun-less hours ticked by, a question crept into my head.

What on Earth were the Sons of Light thinking starting their scavenger hunt on a Monday?

Don’t they know people have responsibilities? Don’t they know we’re busy? We can’t all run around chasing the shadows of medieval-themed riddles and strange men wearing emblazoned red sashes. Some of us have lives.

This isn’t to discount the people who participated in the hunt. I know full well you all have lives, too. My friends fell behind on school work and such just to take part.

I unfortunately couldn’t afford to do that. Someone’s got to be operating the camera at the SAMPSY’s. What would he have told me if I skipped a meaningful athletic banquet for a childish scavenger hunt?

Dear Sons of Light, why not hold your scavenger hunt on a weekend? It makes far more sense than a Monday.

At least I can take some solace in the fact that the Sons of Light scavenger hunt does seem to be becoming a yearly occurrence.

Hey, if you’re like me and you missed it, don’t fret, you’ve probably got another shot next year with Sons of Light.

But if you have responsibilities in your life, well, you might just be out of luck.

Eric Biancalana is a sophomore journalism and mass communication major. Email him at

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