Tartt to the NFL: Bulldog taken by San Francisco in the 2015 NFL Draft

Now that Jaquiski Tartt is getting comfortable with the idea of wearing San Francisco’s scarlet and gold, take a look back at a preview that Caroline Saunders filed for ESPN Campus Connection. This is pre-NFL draft, so you can still say you know him when:

He mentions his combine performance there, you can check out his 40 and his broad jump in this NFL video. You can also check out some more footage from Tartt’s on his Pro Day on campus. Here’s a ‘Niners package of beat writers Taylor Price and Joe Fann discussing what Tartt will bring to San Francisco. (They’re big on what he can offer the team.)

And, finally, the moment that the Bulldog became a member of the NFL, followed by analysis by the guys at NFL Network.

Tartt is the highest drafted Samford player in history, but he’s certainly not the only Bulldog to get a shot at the pros. Check out SU’s draft history.

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