Was the queen even seen?

Margaret Mason, Guest Columnist

While it is understandable to place the student section beside the band, do the students have to be on the away side of the field?

Over the past semester, I have gone to our home football games and watched (or rather, been unable to watch) as the band, dance team and color guard performed with their backs to us, the tuition-paying students.

There was even a time when the cheerleaders were on the opposite side – the home side – of the stadium this season.

This is a disgrace not only to the students performing on the field but also to the students attending the game. The performing participants are unable to see the faces of supportive friends in the crowd

One of the dance team captains, junior journalism and mass communication major Margie Terp, said, “Our team, color guard and the band work very hard on the show and it would be wonderful for students to get to see the performance.”

Every home game, the efforts of the halftime performers are underappreciated because students cannot watch the performance.

On Saturday, the Homecoming Court was presented with their backs to the very students who nominated and later voted for them. The people who chose the individuals to be the faces of Samford for Homecoming were not even granted the chance to look them in the face.

I acknowledge the Homecoming Court was facing the alumni who generously contribute 30 percent toward every student’s school expenses. However, the other 70 percent of the bill comes from either the students who fill the stands or the students’ scholarships.

A member of the 2013 court, senior finance major Jay Morris, said, “It seems to me that the whole tradition would be more meaningful if done in front of the friends who actually voted to put them on court.”

This is an issue that should be addressed because it affects students. Every home game, I view students’ disgruntled faces as they crane their necks to see any of the on-field action. At Samford, football game attendance and school spirit has greatly increased over the past few years. It is my fear that situating students on the away side will lead to a decrease in attendance and lower student morale.

Margaret Mason is a sophomore English major. Email her at mmsaon1@samford.edu.

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