Women march for equal rights

Meg Van Dyke, News Editor

For centuries people have gathered together to walk for a cause they believe in. On Jan. 21, this symbolic idea was continued as thousand of individuals descended on major cities, carrying with them signs and a desire to send a bold message.

The Women’s March, which took place in cities across the world, brought an estimated 3 to 4 million people together in support of the idea of parity and equity for women in society. Men and women alike took to the streets hoping to bring about awareness of the divergent form of thinking that has split our country in two.

This event focused on meeting many objectives, ranging from equal pay to demanding opposition to block President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees.

Sophomore communications major Lucy Kate Green attended the march in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“I can’t do much in times like these except listen to people and stand with them through times of sadness or controversy, to encourage those who felt down to know that in me, they have a friend,” Green said.

Green said the atmosphere of the march was uplifting, with “an overwhelming feeling of unity and pride to be standing together.”

“I would say that the emotion in the crowd was mixed, because some were there out of anger at the situation with our government and some were there out of joy to be standing with neighbors, but regardless of why someone was there, there was cohesion in the fact that we were there, together,” Green said.

Though the march is over, the protestors are capitalizing on their momentum by launching a new initiative known as 10 actions / 100 days. Beginning Feb. 9, huddles of friends, families, neighbors and fellow marchers will meet to set up a concrete plan of action for the 10 initiatives that the founders of the Women’s March have identified as most important, starting with contacting senators

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