Your View: Step Sing tickets

Many students like myself were disappointed this year when they could not get a ticket to Step Sing because they sold out too quickly. This year’s tickets sold out in record time, and I held out hope that maybe, like last year, they would sell tickets for the Wednesday night dress rehearsal. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

The response that I received via email inquiry was that a Wednesday night showing was unnecessary due to the introduction of live streaming. While streaming is a great idea, it cannot replace a ticket. For one, there were problems with the stream that distracted from the show. Even without problems, there is something magical about seeing a live show, an intrinsic quality that no electronic device can capture. One must see a live performance to truly appreciate it, a sentiment shared by many who saw it both live and streaming.

What’s more, Step Sing would make much more money by offering another showing. If 20 people share a $10 stream, the profit is $10. But if 15 people buy $5 dress rehearsal tickets, and five share a stream, the profit is $85. This could help cover costs or be given to charity. Either way, more money is made. Also, be advised: many who streamed this year will not be repeat customers because of the low quality. Next year’s profits may not be as high.

Therefore, next year, tickets should be sold for the Wednesday night dress rehearsal of Step Sing because of problems with streaming, the inherent magic of live performances and the potential for greater revenue.

These tickets need to be sold.



Garrett Vande Kamp is a sophomore political science major from Bossier City, La. He can be reached at


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